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Momentary Moments

{momentary moments}

Researching the significance of everyday events, experienced through transient moments. Documenting, deconstructing and illustratively representing for collaborative reflection and interaction.

The artworks here are simply the resut of observational research and an attempt to capture, reinterpret and digitally illustrate – through image and textual narrative – a composite of various moments; real, imagined, digital, literary, allegorical and otherwise constructed

Moments are somewhat ephemeral and occur inbetween times and spaces. Journeys, whether long or short – physical or metaphorical – are comprised of insignificant events and processes. These moments happen in transient space and at transitory times.

The digital compositions are necessarily affected by subjective interpretation and there need not be any intention to pretend otherwise. Indeed, it is these reconstructions that are the outcome – my responses to some, necessarily subjective, research.

I'd be interested to read your responses.


Part of transient imaginings

{momentary moments} 2009