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Momentary Moments

questions… questions…

You've hopefully seen my responses to some transient moments. You may have even read some of the acompanying narrative. What would be really great – no really – would be to gather some of your opinions to help with this research.

Below there is, for your delectation, a questionairre. Because everybody loves questionairres – that's why those glossy mags are so popular in waiting rooms around the world. Moreover, the answers to these questions may contribute to the creation of yet more artwork.

Do you have moments?
Do moments matter?
Does it matter if other people are aware of your moments?
How long do moments last for
Where do moments come from?
Where do moments go when they are over?
Can moments be shared?
Are moments real?
How private are moments?
Can moments be bought?
How much are moments worth?
Can moments be chosen?
Are moments stationary or do they move?
Should moments be taxed?
What colour are moments?
What could a moment be exchanged for?
Should moments be compulsary?
Do animals have moments?
What do moments mean to you?
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